Bakuman is an anime that spanned 3 seasons. It was recommended to me by a trusted friend and I waited until season two was complete before I started. But then I didn’t know that there would be a season 3 so I was really disappointed that I had to wait for season 3 since I like to marathon watch my anime. All three seasons of this show have really good opening and ending songs. I think the opening songs might be by the same artist across the seasons but I don’t remember anymore. The author of Bakuman is the same as the one for Death Note so I had quite high expectations going in.

This anime / manga is about writing anime and manga. It follows the lives of various manga artists in Japan. The thing about this is that I feel like it was such a good opportunity to actually see what it’s like to be a manga author but all the authors featured in this show are under the age of 30. In reality most of the famous manga authors that I actually follow are all over 30 and most are in their 40s. So I guess it’s not really realistic in that sense. But you do get to learn how editors and polls affect the way that manga is created and all the various manga tropes.

The main story is about a pair of kids who always wanted to become manga artists. It just so happened that one discovered the other in middle school and since then they’ve been working as a duo to attempt to break into the world of manga. Mashiro is the artists of the duo. His uncle used to be a famous mangeka who had one famous work and he failed to get published subsequently. Akito Takagi is the #1 student in the class in terms of grades and one day discovers the artwork of Mashiro. And together they form the team Muto Ashirogi which is a fusion of their names.

There’s a love story thrown in of course. Someone Mashiro just suddenly falls in love with this really cute girl since middle school. She for some reason also really likes him too. They both agree to get married when their dreams come true (when Mashiro gets his works published and when she becomes a famous Seiyu). I think the romantic part of it was… kinda really old fashioned and weird. Maybe it’s part of Japanese culture. It reminds me of Attention Please (the jdrama) when the pilot and the flight attendent agree to get married if he manages to bowl a strike (dafaq). Why don’t you just get married? o.o

So within this story. There are a bunch of manga authors and a bunch of mangas. So the author of Bakuman has to write manga within a manga. It’s pretty funny because the imaginary anime shows within the anime each have their opening songs and some animations. More specifically… a lot of the mini mangas are quiet entertaining. Like when they brainstorm new ideas for mangas. All of them sound so interesting I’m surprised that they didn’t actually get made.

Most of the series follows the progressions of the main characters and their friends who are all aspriring manga artists or support staff that help out with the drawing. I myself actually really enjoyed the anime. I can’t exactly say why… I guess the characters were all very intersting. There’s a very diverse cast of manga artists.

I really enjoyed this anime because of the amazing music, characters and the fact it’s about manga and anime. I would say that Bakuman is recommended from me.