Gundam Seed

I think Gundam Seed is my first official gundam series that I watched Japanese audio with english subtitles. I remember watching Gundam Wing on YTV and Wing was so awesome even in English. Some quick notes on Gundam Seed is that it has amazing music in terms of opening / ending and instrumentals. And it has one of the most badass characters in Kira. I’ll write a separate review from Gundam Seed Destiny which is the sequel. They remade Gundam Seed with an HD remaster and it looks beautiful. I marathon watched Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny in HD one weekend.

In this gundam universe… there are two types of people. Naturals and Coordinators. Naturals are regular humans like us whereas Coordinators are people whose genes were manipulated at birth such that they had the best possible genes. Think Usain Bolt running and Michael Phelps swimming and stuff. So Coordinators are naturally more badass and what not. Of course… the show starts of with the introduction of Gundams. In Gundam Seed there are 4 gundams that are being built in a neutral colony. It’s funny how the neutral colonies always build the most high tech weapons. Anyways the gundams are secretly built but then Coordinators show up to hijack the uber tech. They hijack 3 of the 4 suits… and the last one gets luckily acquired by Kira.

Kira is just a regular high school student. He’s actually a Coordinator but he went to school on Earth and lives amongst the Naturals. Of course… by chance he acquires the Gundam and becomes the pilot. His childhood friend Athrun is on the other side and then Kira and Athrun fight a couple time etc. Kira is a peace loving type of person… but then he has to kill people to protect people. And that gives him moral conflict. Oh. The most memorable character for me is the red haired girl named Flay. She’s a rich spoiled and manipulative whiny bitch. That’s what I remember.

I think Gundam Seed is a classic in the mecha and specifically the Gundam series. I think Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed, and Gundam 00 are the must watch series of Gundam. Gundam Seed lays the groundwork for Gundam Seed Destiny. And this show has amazing music and Kira. Kira is such a badass. There’s a lot of anime cliche and stuff… but overall I really enjoyed this series. I remember watching it as a kid and it blew my mind and even now it’s so entertaining. Also… the gundam games are so good. You should watch this just so you know the Gundam Seed gundams for the video games. There are quite a few important suit knowledge to learn.

tl;dr - watch this if you enjoy mecha and amazing anime music. also… Kira is badass.