Akame ga Kill

I kinda marathon watched this show within a weekend. It was highly rated for the action and people I know always say that the manga is good so I decided to watch it. The opening and ending songs weren’t that good… since I don’t remember any of it.

The characters in this show… are pretty amazing. I think this anime is must watch just so you can identify with all the popular characters. My favorite character is probably Esdeath because she’s god-tier in combat. So there are relics in this show that give humans special powers. Each relic gives it’s user different abilities. Let’s start with Esdeath… her ability is like the Ice Admiral from One Piece. She can make and control ice at will. Unfortunately she can’t transform her body into ice. So she’s not as powerful as the One Piece version. Other characters have relics that transfer into armor… give their guns magical abilities at what not. My second favorite character is probably Akame. Cause she’s also OP. Her relic is a sword that gives her guaranteed kill on one cut. Combined with Akame’s natural combat abilities she basically kills everyone in front of her.

Most of the characters in this show are really interesting. They all have unique powers and contribute to the story in some meaningful way. Spoilers Ahead. A lot of characters die in this show. But there was one character specifically that I wanted to talk about. One Piece Spoilers which is Bulat. The main character is Tatsumi who is useless and is initially rescued by the Night Raid. The Night Raid consist of a few elite members each having a relic. The Night Raid exists to overthrow the crappy horrible government and assassinate horrible people. And Tatsumi gets saved by the Night’s Raid and joins them. Cliche… I know.

Tatsumi looks up to Bulat. Cause Bulat is just a natural badass. He’s like Kamina from Gurren Lagann. When watching the show… I just got the feeling that Bulat had to die. And he did. Because he was someone that Tatsumi (the main character) looked up to. And as long as you have someone to look up to… you can’t surpass them. I guess in that regard… it was inevitable for Kamina to die since Simon would never grow underneath such a huge shadow. In One Piece… it’s so depressing that Ace died. But looking at it from a literary perspective… it’s almost inevitable that Ace had to die in order for Luffy to become the pirate king. Since Ace was older and stronger than Luffy. He was the son of the Pirate King and was mentored under Whitebeard. It was like.. he was destined to succeed his father. I don’t think Luffy would’ve been able to surpass such a character.

I guess this is something that happens in real life too. I don’t think you can surpass anyone as long as you look up to them. Since… you automatically think that they’re better than you. It’s really hard for you to get better… it’s like you limit yourself in order not to surpass those you look up to. /shrug.

I guess I got distracted by writing about a recurring theme in anime / manga / life. But whatever.

tl;dr - you should watch this show for the amazing characters and good action/fight scenes