Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

I marathon watched this during the first week of my last year of University. After two weeks of gag and comedy anime I guess this is a nice change of pace. Ano hana is an anime about a group of friends and how they are each moved on with their life after childhood traumatic experience.

Watching it made me emo. A tragic accident kills on of the 7 childhood friends and then this story is about the lives of those kids afterwards. It reminded me of how death can happen at anytime and how we gotta be grateful for being alive. I kept thinking on of my friends would die because uh... the anime centered around death.

I think the best parts of the anime is the OST and the animation. The animation in this anime was gorgeous for it's time and I think it still holds up really well. The OST just makes adds so much to the storytelling.

I think that the genre of this anime is drama / slice of life. It's not something I typically watch. The general consensus is that this is a very emo anime. You have been warned. I think I nearly cried / did cry while watching this.

tl;dr - watch this for the animation, music, emo and sadness of Japanese life</strong></p>