Arakawa Under the Bridge

This show was recommended to me by a friend that really enjoys slice of life anime. I think Arakawa under the bridge can be best described as crazy eccentric funny anime about people living under a bridge. It just features outrageous characters that interact underneath the bridge to create amazing entertainment.

The main character is Kou Ichinomiya who is henceforth referred to as Rick. Rick is the nickname of the main character because it's the short form of recruit. Since he's the newest recruit to the bridge. Riku comes from a rich family where the family motto is to never be indebted to anyone. I think that's actually generally an Asian culture thing to not be indebted to anyone. I guess the Ric family would be the Japanese equivalent of the Lannisters.

The people that live underneath the bridge are all people that are rejected from society and live in their on special bubble. I'd like to note that there is also a JDrama and movie associated with this series... and I've seen the movie while I was in Japan without subtitles. Mostly because I already know the plot.

There are two many characters that I like in this show. The story is told through Rick's eyes because he is the most 'normal' character. He becomes the boyfriend of Nino who is a venusian. The village chief is a Kappa... a man that permanently wears a halloween costume. Then there's Hoshi who is some guy that always wear a Star mask over his face. Sister is a man who dresses like a nun. Who was also a war veteran and always uses guns and grenades for no reason.

So why should you watch this? Well for starters there's two seasons at 12 episode each and both seasons had amazing OP/ED songs. This anime is just so funny. The animation was good for it's time and this is a light anime in a sense that plot doesn't matter as much. You can pretty much watch this whenever you want and still be entertained versus something like Mirai Nikki and Steins; Gate where you need to watch the shows chronologically and pay attention.

I would recommend this anime if you enjoy slice of life / comedy / crazy culture.