Arslan Senki

I recently finished Arslan Senki. I did quite enjoy it… but at the same time it lacked the greatness factor.

Positives - Uverworld is back. The opening one song was by Uverworld and it’s just good and the nostalgia. The generals in the army are all badasses. You know what’s weird… I always thought that generals / uber characters were the best but then when you apply it to real life the uh… parallels just falls apart. How many generals actually go on the battlefield frontlines and survive after wiping out the opposing army? I’d guess not many since the expected outcome is death if you’re in the front line. Even with amazing skill it’s kinda like stab and then get stabbed. In terms of the characters I did like the villain and most of the generals since they are basically 5000 men in one somehow.

The bad. Ermagod. The prince is such a pain in the butt. Useless prince. I wish the prince just died or something since he’s so useless. He honestly just feels like a figurehead… his existence is meh. And at this point I’m really statistically minded… and so all the chance encounters are just like. You know how in anime / video games somehow all the characters are linked to the other characters. Like.. each character knows every other character via an interaction somehow. That’s like… each of your friends knows every single other friend of yours before you introduce them. I just don’t think it’s possible. But… in the anime. Everyone knows everyone.

Some of the fight scenes were a bit repetitive and not so well animated. Others were quite good. Besides the annoying prince. There’s also the crazies. I think the anime actually is a good spin on history / fantasy / anime. There’s this cult that becomes an army and invades people. I think it’s a mock of christianity and how religious countries would wage war in the name of god.

tl;dr - decent anime. not mind blowing. 7/10. good action. similar to sengoku basara except there’s the useless prince