boku dake ga inai no machi

I feel so badass. I watched this with Japanese closed caption with Japan Netflix and I understood all the plot with the subtitles. Where…. there were some smalltalk that I didn’t get… but overall I understood it pretty well. The only part that I was sad that I couldn’t understand was on episode 11… when he confronts the uh… villain. There were 3 critical sentences… or so. But it doesn’t really affect the whole plot.

First off… the opening song is by Asian Kungfu Generation. It’s pretty good. The anime is about this guy with a time travel ‘revival’ ability. Whenever a bad thing happens… he’ll sometimes be able to go back in time and fix it. It’s similar to steins;gate and re:zero in that regard. It’s only 12 episodes. I gotta say though… it captures you into the anime pretty much right away. I was into it by episode 2. I started it at 8pm and got to episode 10 in one night. And I was like… shit I’mma wake up early tomorrow to finish the anime… but not even the ending of an anime can motivate me to get out of bed before my time lol.

The time travelling aspect is sci/fi but I’d say it’s more of a suspense mystery anime. The new word of the day that I learned is shitakke which is a unique greeting from hokkaido. I really enjoyed this anime not just because it really got me interested pretty much from the start. Since the show is essentially a movie I won’t ruin the plot. Suffice to say that I was enthralled from start to finish.

The one sad thing that I uh… well. Two things that I didn’t like. Well. Maybe only one. The first thing is… I don’t like it when I’m right. But I was right. I could guess the villain from when I first saw him. Which… is a disappointment. Since I like to be surprised. Sigh. Whatever. That might be a minor spoiler. The other thing is… I don’t really like the self sacrifice but you always get a happy ending. That’s the way of the shounen.

I guess I’d recommend it. Watch it if you enjoyed steins;gate and re:zero. I’d say it’s worse than steins;gate but better than re:zero. But there’s no Emiria. I think half the reason I watched the show was for Emiria. =/.