Code Geass

Code Geass is better than Death Note, that's how my friend recommended the anime series to me. There's no way anything could be as good as Death Note, but Code Geass does indeed come pretty damn close.

Code Geass is about a boy genius who gains the supernatural power to command people to do things once by making eye contact. Like a one use Sharingan with no counters. Well, you need to make eye contact for it to work.

It is set some time into the future. The world is divided into three factions. The empire of Britannia, Some Chinese Federation and the EU. Britannia has colonized a large chunk of the earth and Japan is relegated to Area 11.  Lelouch is a cast off child of the emperor of Britannia and lives in Area 11 (Japan). He stumbles upon this supernatural being who grants him the power of Geass. As soon as he verifies his powers he creates the alter identity of Zero.

Assisted by his Geass, he leads the rebellion against Britannia. War and chaos ensues with his godlike intellect and unstoppable Geass. Crazy and "miraculous" shit happens. Just watch it.