Death Note

I remember back when the Death Note manga was ongoing, my friend actually started a scanlation group + hosted the translations because it was such an awesome manga. He kept telling me to read it and I put it off until the first arc was done and there was a break. He described it as a psychological thriller and a battle of the minds. Pssht, action is so much better.

Yagami Light is a genius high school student when he finds a notebook on the floor. In it are instructions for use "the person whose name is written in this note will die". At first he doesn't believe, but then he tests it out on a criminal on the live news - and the criminal dies of a heart attack. Just a coincidence? Nope.

Eventually he starts using the note to kill criminals. Criminals are dying left and right and dropping like flies. The police are bamboozled, how is this happening. This has got to be a mass murderer! The police name this murderer 'Kira' for killer. But, there's no realistic way to achieve this. Enter uber detective L. No one has seen him but he solves all the unsolvable cases.

I'm trying to write more without spoiling the contents of this great anime. L conclusively proves that Kira is real somehow*. Will L catch Light? Or will Light kill L? Light is one of my favorite characters ever because he's so cool, smart and uber logical.  Watch this show!

Scoring: Watch this shit.

Story: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Music: 6/10
Animation: 9/10
Overall: 10/10