Death Parade

I just finished death parade and meditated to Moonlit Night. Moonlit Night is an instrumental sound track played during the anime in a very specific scene… and it was just so magical. I think the soundtrack just represents that segment of the anime so perfectly. The soundtrack by itself is really good. I got it for my meditation playlist… but paired with the actual anime it’s just so apt.

Death Parade is a horror/thriller/mystery anime I guess. When people die… they get judged by arbiters. They play a game before determining which of the two gets sent to reincarnation vs the void. In the beginning… you have no idea why this is happening. You just see two people… and they play a game. Like darts or pool and then there’s some twist to it. The twist of the game is meant to bring out the evil nature of the participants to assist in the judging and stuff.

There is a lot of philosphy and religion based themes in the anime. I rather talk about that then the individual stories / random characters. Basically… each episode you get to meet a few new characters that died recently and they lost their memory. As they play the game of death the slowly regain their memories and reveal their true / dark nature. And then they get sent on their way.

The first theme that kinda bothered me was the fact of the afterlife. Since it’s the premise of the show… I won’t critique it I guess. My personal belief is that of nihilism and that once you die there’s nothing. There wasn’t any explanation as to how souls travel between the universes and stuff but whatever.

The other theme is… it’s always 1v1. One has to go to the void while the other gets reincarnated. Why can’t they both go to the void or both get reincarnated? That doesn’t really make sense… I think it’s possible that there are cases where that’s true. If that were the case… wouldn’t the world just be full of good souls? And where do fresh souls come from? I mean… the population of the earth is growing.. if all you have are recycled souls… where do new souls come from?

The show never hinted at the point of arbiters and judging. I mean. It’s basically the tautalogy club. Arbiters exist to judge because the purpose of their existance is to judge. But why are they judging in the first place? Who knows.

What differentiates right and wrong. How do the arbiters actually judge? I mean… what gives arbiter the right to actually do judging in the first place? The judging doesn’t have a baseline. It just happens. There’s no rubric or metric and it seems just like a crapshoot comparison.

tl;dr - very interesting anime that touches on death, karma. and religious themes. Go watch/listen to Moonlit Night. This is a recommended anime! 8/10