Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

So I finally watched the ending of Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works. Previously I stopped right around episode 18 ish since at that time it was still on going. Damn. Archer is definitely my favorite hero of all time. From the clutch Rho Aias to the Unlimited Blade Works battle when he battles himself.

This anime is much better than the half assed movie that is Unlimited Blade Works. First of all.. I gotta plug the singer Aimer. Her song brave shine, and last stardust are perfect in this anime series. Specifically… when they played Last Stardust… I was totally having nerd chills. Last Stardust was just so amazingly relevant to that scene.

And the scene when Last Stardust was being played was so touching and emotional. Now this part is semi spoilers: but it’s so interesting that Shirou/Archer has no ideals of his own. It’s just such an interesting phenomenon because… I feel like I have some ideals that exist that aren’t mine. I often wonder what motivates people. It’s really funny… because I was just chatting with my friend the other day. He said he didn’t know what was motivating him. I guess… he’s just like Faker with no ideals? But for me… I don’t know why or how I acquired the desire to have a job over 100k annual salary. Maybe it was just growing up… that number always sounded really impressive.

Hmm. Back to the show. Why is Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works so good? I feel like this is the best path because you get to see Archer fight Lancer. And then you learn about the history of Archer. His existence… is kinda depressing. But I guess anime is reflection of life. I feel that in anime / in fiction there are facets of truth to it which is really entertaining when you can relate to it. The animation of this show and the fight scenes were so good. Like… Archer kicked so much butt. This path is really showing how much of a badass that Archer is. Even though I feel that Saber and Lancer would likely both beat archer 1v1. I feel that Archer is just more…. badass and likeable.

Aside from the great animation and music. The beautiful fight scenes… hmm. What else is there. The characters, plot, and animation are all so good. The voice acting is also so amazing. I got to meet the Saber voice actor at Anime Expo. She’s so goood. The saber voice is so amazing. Also… I didn’t know that the Archer voice was same as Sasuke. Kinda crazy. Maybe that explains why I like Archer so much. I think Sasuke / Ishida / and Emiya are all the same voice actor.

tl;dr - watch this anime amazing. I think it’s best of 2015 for me. Hard to top… seriously.