I finally watched Free! I felt really awkward watching it alone so I watched the first few episode with a friend. It turned out to be not too bad I guess. So I marathon watched season 1 by myself after watching the first few episodes with her. I gotta say… I have really mixed feelings about Free!. The sub group that I watched… added Gay Swimming to the title… which pretty much describes the series really well.

First off. I think the ending song wasn’t too bad. But I wouldn’t say it was really good. The show… is about swimming and I was expecting Slam Dunk / Prince of Tennis style swimming. Like… uh… blink (teleport) breast stroke or something. But the swimmers don’t have super powers… for good or for worse. Personally I would’ve liked it more if they did have unique super powers to actually make the sport aspect for interesting.

The entire show… is literally gay fanservice. Uh. There’s pretty much no plot at all. And all you see are hot guys in swimsuits. It did motivate me to work out more so that I can have a Free!(tm) body. But besides that… there’s no plot I feel. The characters are just gay for each other which makes this show appeal to girls I guess? But now I at least know Haru and Rin. The guy’s name is Haruka.

tl;dr - I guess I would recommend this anime if you like hot guys shirtless and fanservice and BL. Maybe if you’re into keeping up with the top animes you should watch this just so you know Rin x Haru