Gangsta marathon time was finished in 3 days. I was hooked from episode. This was a highly rated anime from a few friends. It’s similar to black lagoon I guess. The ending song is really good.

The anime takes place in a lawless city. It’s similar to the slums in Black Lagoon. I do like settings where it’s generally lawless. Since it usually is the case where the strong rule the world and you get to witness plenty of overpowered characters which I’m fond of. In this world there are twilight people. Twilight people are enhanced from a drug Celebrer. But there are side effects that is character specific. It’s kinda like the first generation enhanced humans of Gundam Seed or whatever. Twilights are ranked by their combat / physical abilities. Going from D-5 to S-1. Or Maybe there’s a SS-1. I dunno.

The show has two central characters. Nicolas Brown who is deaf and a twilight. He has a tag that says S-0. The tags aren’t introduced until like.. the second or third episode so I guess that’s minor spoilers… but whatever. Basically, a regular human has no real chance against a tag. Since tags are freakishly strong/fast. Of course… the gaps between tags are huge. Which is expected I guess since the strongest are always stronger by orders of magnitude. Nicholas is deaf and relies on sign language and lip reading to communicate. His partner is Worick Arcangelo who is a regular human being and a gigolo. Worick is a the pretty boy of the show I guess. The girl who recommended me the anime found both guys super hot.

And of course the third character is the uh… helpless girl with big boobs. Of course she’s really hot - and crazy. Most of the episodes revolve around various tasks that the duo do since they are handyman that help protect the locals from the yakuza or whatever. Of course there’s also random terrorist groups and big overarching plots. I think the first season of the anime is a combination of inuyasha (sentai) and character exposition with one major story arc. I’m actually really excited for season 2 but I heard that the studio that made it went under.

The animation in this show was really good. But I think it started getting bad towards the end since the studio ran out of money. Nick uses a sword and the sword fights are quite entertaining. The things that I liked about this show was that I was hooked from episode 1. Some of the recent anime that I have seen… it takes me a few episodes for me to start to enjoy it. But there was no such thing for gangsta.

tl;dr - gangsta is like black lagoon except you have one uber badass and a pretty boy. I’d say it’s a generally recommended anime if you enjoy yakuza / mafia type anime with action mixed it