Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

This took me awhile to get into. I didn’t marathon watch this anime because it doesn’t really have cliffhangers or even an overarching plot. It’s kinda an episode by episode comedy series. I’d say it’s 50% comedy, 30% school life and 20% romance. I was quite entertained by the anime. It’s really funny and uh… Mikoshiba is probably the character I identify with the most.

Nozaki is the main character. Or one of the main characters of the anime. He’s a manga artist that draws shoujo manga. And Sakura is the main character whose really chibi and really into Nozaki. She confesses to him and Nozaki thinks that she’s a fan of his manga. And then recruits her as an assistant to help him with his manga.

The anime is mostly about school life. Each episode there’s like a small arc or new character introduced. Nozaki uses things in his life as uh… inspiration for his manga protagonist. Mikoshiba is actually the female protagonist of his manga. Too jokes.

tl;dr - Funny entertaining school life manga. I’d recommend it. The big 3 characters are quite entertaining and important anime knowledge