Gundam Seed Destiny

I recently marathoned Gundam Seed Destiny HD Remaster a few weeks ago. I’ve been watching it from time to time… just the most amazing episodes… the highlights so to speak. I actually think Gundam Seed Destiny wasn’t that good of a show when I first watched it. There is decently good music. Meteor by TM revolution is one of my favorite songs from the series. What I do like about the series is that you don’t really need to introduce the big two characters of Kira and Athrun. Those two characters carried over from Gundam Seed and with them they brought over their uber kickass from before.

So Gundam Seed Destiny is a continuation of Gundam Seed. I would say that the plot is quite generic in a sense that the storyline almost almost mirrors what happens in Gundam Seed. That said… there are numerous gundams here that are really relevant for the Gundam video games. I really enjoyed playing the Gundam video games for PS2 / PS3. It’s just so much fun when you can S rank all the missions. Whoops, got distracted.

The series starts off with a uh… demo of the new gundams being built. They aren’t using nuclear reactors so all the new gundams are actually weaker than the old Freedom which had a nuclear reactor. Like all gundam series… the new flashy suits gets hijacked and then a battle follows. Even in the first episode you see what a badass Athrun is because he’s using a low level gundam and he’s almost on par with the new uber gundams. My favorite character from this series is of course Kira. He’s basically unrivaled in the series cause… he’s the ultimate coordinator.

I think you should only watch this series if you are a fan of the Gundam Series or if you really enjoyed Gundam Seed. I don’t think it’s a highly recommended anime but since I’m a huge fan of Kira and mecha. I quite enjoyed this series when it aired and rewatching the HD remaster… it’s gorgeous and brings back nostalgic memories.

tl;dr - watch this if you enjoyed Gundam Seed or if you are a fan of mecha