Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter is possible the best manga ever. That's how good it is. The 2014 anime of Hunter X Hunter is a remake of the original which concluded at an ark right before where the manga was at this time.

Before I tell you how amazingly good the anime is. I want to also warn you that the manga has been going at a rate of 3 chapter per year for about 5 years now. The author, Togashi is filthy filthy rich and really really lazy. Props to him. But it's depressing as fans of the series. This series has so much potential and is so amazingly entertaining. Hunter X Hunter started *before* one piece. It is currently at 350 chapters... which is less than *half* of one piece. Just a warning of those wanting to read the manga once they finish the anime.

This show is amazing in a sense that it's really well written. The characters are amazing. I feel that the power scaling is also really good and deep. The main character is this kid named Gon. He's traveling the world to search for his dad.

In this world, there is a profession called Hunter. Hunters are humans who are exceptionally talented. As the story progresses you meet more and more powerful hunters. When overpowered characters are first introduced - you have no idea how the universe works. Because you're exposed to the world as Gon.

The other thing that I really like is that it while it's a shounen manga it follows a very different battle style storyline. Gon doesn't just become godly magically and stuff. You can really see his growth throughout the manga. Even though Gon is an uber prodigy or whatever. He still gets his ass beat by actual people who are better than him.

The first ark of the story is Gon becoming an official hunter. It serves as a very mysterious introduction to all the various people and introduces Hunters as mystical humans who can do superhuman feats. You have no idea how this works yet, but it's just so amazing to watch.

My favorite character is Hisoka. He's this somewhat crazy badass psychopath. I do have a tendency to like OP characters, and Hisoka is undoubtedly OP. So when you get to the first part of the Hunter exam you get to meet a whole bunch of interesting characters... including Hisoka. He 'magically' turns someone's arms into flower petals for not apologizing after bumping into him. Scaring the shit out of everyone but no one dares to approach him. What a badass.

Then there's the troll who pretends to be a nice to to everyone in an effort to sabotage them. You also get introduced to Killua. You find out right away that the kid is gonna be godly because he drinks poison and it doesn't affect him. Killua is also one of my favorite characters because he'll one day become an uber badass.

That's the short intro to the anime and the Hunter exam. This anime is freaking amazing. The animation in the 2014 version is superb. The pacing is really good with no fillers because all of the chapters already came out. It follows the manga closely and is just ridiculously good.

Scoring: Hunter X Hunter is possibly the best story ever told. The 2014 anime is amazing. Watch!

Story: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Music: 7/10
Animation: 10/10
Overall: 10/10