Isshuukan Friends

I recently finished Isshuukan Friends. It’s a twelve episode short anime about high school kids. I would just classify it as a Drama/Romance/School life anime. It’s about this girl who loses her memory every week so she can’t have friends. And as a result her only friend in the show is the main protagonist. And he befriends her at the beginning of every week and they are thus friends each week. The title of course means ‘one week friend’ so I guess it’s expected. The show reminds me of 50 first dates the movie.. except there’s less of a freak out since she isn’t crazy and Japanese people don’t typically attack people with baseball bats.

I think at this point.. I’ve seen too many shows and anime that a short 12 episode anime like this.. doesn’t really capture my attention. I already forgot both character names. I don’t even remember a single character from this show. But I do remember that this anime was quite different from the type that I enjoy watching. It was good for me to diversify and watch something fresh. The other thing of note is of course the ending song. I really liked the ending song of this anime.

Watching this show made me think of all the memories that I take for granted. Maybe it’s the context and the when that I watched this anime. But watching this made me appreciate all the wonderful moments I’ve already experience and have stored away in my memories. I think sometimes my memories of certain events are so good I just chase the nostalgia. I’ve played Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts 2, and Xenosaga multiple times already. And sometimes I still rather play an old game than try a new one like The Last of Us.

I’m torn on whether or not this is a recommended anime or not. On one hand I personally enjoyed it and would probably tell myself to watch it if I haven’t already seen it. On the other hand… I wouldn’t watch it again. Unlike the greats of Ouran High School Host Club / Death Note that doesn’t really get old. I guess… I would recommend it. It’s definitely not bad… and it was a top anime of the year that it came out.

tl;dr - watch this anime if you like school life and romance/drama. Not really my type of anime but it was fun