Knights of Sidonia

It sucks. Don’t watch it. Trying not to spoiler story… The world has ended and the last of humanity is on a travelling spaceship trying to hide from monsters. Monsters that can only be destroyed by mecha. The main character is a random underground person who was trained by his grandfather. He’s an exceptional pilot. The whole story… it just feels so cliche. I don’t think I could really get into knights of Sidonia.

The opening song is okay. Although… one thing that did piss me off or annoy me… was the crazy retardedness and unfairness of one of the characters. Some minor spoilers - but what happens is that there’s this crazy evil character who is jealous of the uber talent. And he sabatages the entire mission as the lead in order to make the prodigy look bad. I mean… that’s like… ugh. I can’t believe such characters exist in anime / manga / and real life. Lucky for me… I haven’t met such a character for awhile… but I guess it serves as a reminder that such people can and do exists. Scary and annoying stuff.

People can photosynthesize. So all you need is water… and the sun. And then you’ll be good. That’s… cool I guess. I don’t think humans in my lifetime will ever be able to photosynthesize. Also… food is so delicious. The anime… is kinda pointless so far. Like… I don’t get the purpose of the anime. There’s like… no real villain. And all that there is… is humankind fighting for survival. I guess… it’s like just about the struggles of being alive.

tl;dr - don’t watch it. nothing special about it