Log Horizon

So I started Log Horizon and I pretty much marathoned in over 4 days. Log Horizon is like.. a watered down version of Sword Art: Online. Sword Art Online starts off really good, when it reaches the second part it just sucked. Log Horizon is not as good as the first half of Sword Art, but it maintains it's goodness across the entire season. So in that regard, I think I like Log Horizon better.

Log Horizon reminds me of how much I miss MMOs. I really miss the community aspect of playing MMOs and also being extremely overpowered. I remember in RO when I could solo the bosses. Or D2 where I could even solo uber diablo. It's cool how they described the classes, but I felt that the descriptions were repetitive given that I'm somewhat of a subject matter expert in the area of MMO's and classes.

You have all these veteran players who are at the level cap of the game pre the newest expansion. And they basically walk around and organize a government and save the virtual world. Predictable stuff, but exciting none the less. The thing that I didn't like was: there's a fricken season 2. So I marathoned Log Horizon because I like to watch finished anime in one sitting, then I find out there's a season 2. Now I'm said because I want to finish it. Sunk cost fallacy in real life. /shrug

I liked the premise of the show and the decently engaging characters and their classes. I didn't like how the show focused so much on lower level characters and how newb they were. I wish it focused exclusively on the cool people and how the cool people got stronger by doing tough raids and stuff. I wish we could see the level 90s band together and kick some serious ass.

My overall recommendation is watch this if you like MMO's, liked Sword Art Online... or have time to kill.

Scoring: Watch only if you big fan of Sword Art Online or MMOs

Story: 5/10
Characters: 7/10
Music: 5/10
Animation: 7/10
Overall: 6/10