After a few weeks of demons and vampires it's time to go to something lighthearted. I first saw this anime when my roommate was watching it. When I saw it I was like... WTF I didn't know you were into loli. This anime looks really pedo. Especially when you only watch a few scenes here and there.

I was bored and my friend said it was very funny so I just watched a few episodes. And it is really really funny. Even though the characters are young and loli... the show isn't really based on the loli factor. Rather... it just pure jokes on a kiddy level.

The show is about 3 sisters who are triplets and they all have different and interesting personalities. It's set in the school life with a focus on the friends of the triplets and the teachers.

It's been awhile since I watched this series but I just remember laughing so much because it's so retarded funny. This isn't an anime where there's much plot and character development. I mean.. the main characters are kids at the beginning and kids at the end. One of my favorite of the three triplets has the uber strength like that kid from the flintstones. But anyways - there isn't any amazing opening / ending song that I remember but this anime is just jokes and lots of fun. I would recommend it for the entertainment value.

tl;dr - loli like anime you might not want to watch in public but it's really jokes and funny so you should watch it.