Nagi no Asakura

So I decided to watch this because this was on the best anime of 2014 on randomc and for best animation too. So… I figured might as well. Kotonoha no Niwa had the best animation and even though the story was weak… I enjoyed the movie immensely. I think…. I’m almost getting bored of anime. Like how I recently got bored of playing video games. But then I think the thing that brings it back is diversity. Playing a game that I don’t normally play that ends up totally capturing my attention brings me back to gaming. I guess… I wanted to try and watch something new and see how it was.

The first few episodes of Nagi no Asakura was really boring for me. But damn… the animations was really truly amazing. The water effects reminded me of Bioshock. When I first played Bioshock in 2007 on my newly build PC… it blew my mind because I didn’t know games and specifically water could look that good.

I didn’t particularly like any of the characters in the beginning. For one.. they were middle school kids… meaning they were 14. I guess I’m old now. This anime is all about relationships between the main characters. I couldn’t really get into it because I didn’t really feel connected to the characters I guess.

The music was really beautiful though. I liked all songs - both opeening songs and ending songs. I’m not sure who the singer is but it does sound really familiar. I think somewhere around episode 15ish I started like the show more. I think it’s probably when I started to get to know the characters by name and learn more of their personalities.

This show is very drama like and romance / relationships focused. I guess I can’t relate to it because growing up I had to move from place to place and never got the osanajimi relationship. This anime did contribute to me being slightly emo. It’s kinda funny… because i guess anime is a reflection of real life. And no matter what phase of life your in… there’ll be aspects of the anime that connects to you. Like how I feel that I’m so similar to Archer/Faker because my ideals are inherited.

tl;dr - Wouldn’t recommend this anime. But you should check out the opening and ending songs. I guess if you’re really into romance / drama then this anime does have the feelz… especially towards the end.