No Game No Life

I typically only watch anime that are completed because I like to marathon watch. I decided to watch No Game No Life after Stilts from randomc put it into one of his best of 2014 categories. First... I'd like to say that the 12 episode series is not complete. Blargh. I started another one of those half series again. Boo!

The anime is centered around two half siblings or unrelated siblings that are both otaku and neet. I have somewhat of an obsession with neet / otaku culture as you know. I really wish that I could've been an otaku / neet in Japan. But sadly, my parents wouldn't let me live at the house without contributing so then I had to move out. And moving out... I gotta feed myself so I gotta work. Boo hoo.

So the brother and sister form two halves of an unstoppable duo in online games. Sora is the 18 year old brother and Shiro is the 11 year old step sister. First of all... there is a lot of loli fanservice from Shiro... so you have been warned. I'm not a fan of loli but it doesn't bother me. I think it used to bother me when I lived with others and people would walk in on me watching anime and be like WTF are you watching.

Sora and Shiro beat this random person online in Chess and then they are offered an opportunity to go to a fantasy world where everything is decided by games. Instead of getting robbed by people, they need  to challenge and beat you at a game before they can 'rob' you. And so, starting with nothing their essentially game their way to the top of the kingdom.

The games that they play kind of remind me of the Liar Game series since a lot of the games the only way to guarantee victory is the cheat. But then you need to cheat in such a way that your opponent cannot catch you or else you'll instantly lose the game. What I enjoyed about the series is how the characters don't really change and how they always act in their owns selfish way. They don't really try to escape and or fix the world. They just wanna have fun.

I'm actually excited for the second season so you know that this is going to be a recommended anime. I'd watch it again if I could. I decided to remove the numerical analysis and just assign a tier to the anime. S tier is death note level. A tier is really really good. And B tier is meh. I'd say this is A tier. Check it out if you have time.