One Punch Man

So much hype… but it didn’t live up to it. Sigh. For shame. I was really excited for one punch man because it was recommended to me and also cause of all the amazing gifs and stuff that’s available online.

I watched it and it has the type of character I enjoy. Mr. One Punch Man is essentially an unbeatable god tier guy / deus ex machina. So why didn’t I really enjoy the anime?

I think the show tries to be funny… with a lot of talking and I just didn’t like it. I mean… if you’re the villain… would you let your victim say their last monologue for 30 minutes before you finished them off? That’s what happens in this show. Either Saitama will let the bad guys ramble on before zapping them. Or the bad guys will let a random fail guy talk one forever so that Saitama can come rescue them. =_=.

tl;dr - One punch man had so much potential but didn’t live up to the hype