Ouran High School Host Club

So Ouran High School Host Club is one of my top 10 favorite anime. One thing is that it has good opening and ending themes. Which is always a major plus for me. But onto the actual show.

I think the genre is shoujo / comedy. It's really funny. So I just looked it up, it's apparently not shoujo. It's drama / comedy. It did get turned into a drama. And the drama was amazing imo. Haruhi in real life was so kawaii~. But I digress.

So quick summary of the first episode and an overview of the series. Ouran High School host club is a private school for elite rich people. Everyone that goes there is rich beyond imagination. Except for one poor student that qualified at the school via an amazing grads and a grant. That poor student with amazing grads is Haruhi. She's poor and comes from a completely different upbringing. On her first day of school looking for somewhere quite to study she stumbles upon the host club.

A host club a Japanese phenomenon. Well, if you're here you probably know what it is. It's where girls / women go to get entertained by charming boys / men. They just talk to you and get you to buy drinks. It cost money to be in a host club and of course there's the cost of drinks. So the high school version is basically the underage version. You get to drink coffee and eat dessert with the host club boys. One of my dreams is to go to japan and be a host~. Apparently you can make over 1 million USD a year if you are an amazing host. Gotta start training up my host skills.

So there are six existing hosts. The king Tamaki. He's blonde, uber rich. Then there's the manager Kyouya who is the smart, cool guy with glasses. Totally me yo. There's Hikaru and Kaoru who are twins. So they got the twin incestuous / yaoi thing going on which is apparently really attractive to girls. There's the loli shota guy Teddy who is.. loli. And then there's the wild tall guy - Mori senpai. I'm totally a fusion of Kyouya and Mori senpai. yep yep.

All the characters are likeable and extremely fun. It's hard to choose a favorite character. I'd have to say that my favorite hosts are Mori / Kyouya / and Honey. Of course my favorite character is Haruhi. Because.... haruhi~ I'm just reminded of the drama. She's so cute.

So the show is about the life of Haruhi in the host club. It's basically a series of host club events and school events. There's wonderful character development because the character are so awesome. And of course - it's funny and entertaining as hell. A++ watch it NAO.

Scoring: Watch this shit.

Story: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Music: 8/10
Animation: 7/10 (It's old now... but when back in the day it was good)
Overall: 10/10