Parasyte has finally been completed.

The opening and ending songs weren’t that good. The characters… there were a few really annoying characters that I just wanted to die. When you do retarded shit… you should die. But then… you don’t and I’m sad. I guess… it just feels unfair that people who do retarded shit get to live while people (fodder) just die unfortunately. But I guess that’s just the way that it happens.

So Parasyte is about parasites that invaded the earth. They take over the brain of a human and then live through the human puppet. They need to eat other humans though… so the head can transform into crazy ninja swords to slice and dice poor human victims. The main character is a crybaby highschooler. His right hand gets eaten and then he gets a magical right hand that’s sentient and capable of slicing and dicing people.

So the main character dies once. Cause he’s retarded and deserved to die. But then he’s saved and then given a power-up. Hmmm. Doing stupid shit will lead to power ups. Hmmm. Lesson learned. I guess I need to do more stupid shit in real life.

There are some interesting philisophical questions fromm this anime I guess. What does it mean to be human? I really liked the lecture on the selfish gene. Because honestly… reading the book the selfish gene blew my mind. It can explain emotions and the way that humans act. And of course the way that animals act. It’s all about the gene’s survival. I guess that’s why mothers are programmed to be so protective of the kids. In general.

tl;dr - it was highly recommended and I think it was decent. a lot of the characters were really annoying though