Prince of Tennis

I didn’t get to watch an entire anime this week. So this week’s review will be an old school anime - prince of tennis. Growing up… I use to play tennis and use to be pretty good at it too. I could do 2 different serves and my 2nd serve almost had 95% accuracy of going to the box with decent speed. but I digress. Anyways… one of my friends told me about this anime called prince of tennis. Since I liked both tennis and anime it’s only natural that I watch it.

At that time… the series was about 200 episodes long. So I could marathon watch it. And holy shit. The anime was really addicting. Because… one you got this overpowered charcter. The main character - the prince of tennis - Echizen Ryoma. The son of the legendary samurai tennis player. Damn. He’s so cool. I’m totally an Echizen fangirl. Actually… I’m more of a Tezuka fan. I think my #1 and #2 is Tezuka and Fuji. #3… is probably Atobe/Inui. Just because data tennis and Inui Juice.

The anime is about tennis at the middle school clubs. And… everybody in middle school has their own unique badass tennis moves. Like… there’s the snake shot… which causes the ball to curve. It’s like… a crazy curve tennis shot. Or like… the twist serve which causes the serve to bounce in a crazy manner towards your face. Echizen becomes the first freshman to make it to the regular tennis club team by beating someone on the team. And then… he just gets better and better as adversaries show up.

He has an amazing catch phrase too. Mada Mada Dane. It means you ain’t good enough. Or that’s what it gets translated. My personal translation with my limited Japanese is that… you ain’t ready for me. So why should you watch this anime? I think Prince of Tennis is actually shoujo manga. Like…nevermind. It’s shounen. But there’s a lot of hot guys so I think girls really like this anime.

This anime also has amazing opening and ending songs. For me.. my favorite opening is probably Fly High and my favorite ending is Wonderful Days. Which was also an insert song for when they did karoke. This anime was just… lots of fun for me as a kid. And watching Echizen power up each time he faces a strong opponent. The shounen ness is pretty catchy. And plus… Tezuka is a god tier badass. It’s funny that the main team has the big 3 of Tezuka/Fuji/Echizen. Having those 3 already guarantees them victory it’s imba. But the cool thing is that… they actually don’t always win. And that’s what makes the story so interesting I guess. The tennis keeps getting crazier and crazier while the characters are super awesome.

tl;dr - watch this anime if you like sports anime or tennis. or just like cool characters and tennis. it has pretty good music too.