Samurai 7

Since last week was Rurouni Kenshin I think I'll continue with another Samurai anime. Samurai 7 is one of my favorite anime. It's loosely based on the movie 7 Samurai. I'd say that it's essentially completely different though.

The opening song is quite catchy. It's Unlimited by Aikawa Nanase. The show is about an oppressive government bullying it's people. Samurais are extinct because they are banned. Robots rule the world and kill Samurais on sight. But then one village has had enough. It's time to hire Samurai and to fight back.

Dun dun dun. You meet the first badass Samurai and he gets hired as the Captain to build out the team. The reason I liked this show is of course because of how badass the Samurai are. Well... the top two anyways.

I only remember 2/7 Samurai. The show was all about the Nitoryu badass for me. I think his name was Kyuzo. I think this show was very influential to me because... I guess it was interesting in regards to how the powerful can exist to suppress or assist the weak.

This show is all about the strong protecting the weak I guess. I guess in a way that's the natural way of humans since that's how we managed to survive. The show has a overarching plot while being quite predictable up until all the Samurai are assembled. I'd highly recommend this show for people who like action, samurai and swords.

tl;dr - Samurai 7 is an amazing anime with an uber badass nitoryu that I really like