Samurai Champloo

I'm inspired to write about Samurai Champloo because of the talent show at Kraken-con and how some guy did a dance / wrap on Samurai Champloo. It's actually one of my favorite animes of all time. It's hard to quantify why it is so good though.

I don't actually remember much of the plot. I'm writing this purely from memory and I think the anime is possibly ~10 years old. I kinda feel old writing it. The two man characters are both uber badasses. Maybe that's why I enjoyed the show so much. I like it when the there are untouchable characters that are several magnitudes better than everyone else.

The show is about two samurai and this girl they are escorting I think. Mugen is a young and hot character. I guess I'd describe him as the 'Yang' samurai. He's hot headed, aggressive and a fight first ask questions later kind of guy. Which is cool. As previously mentioned he's an uber badass. His sword skills are amazing even though I don't think he has real training. He's just a beast. I don't even watch basketball... but I know that Mugen would be like LeBron James. He's just beast.

Then there's Jin. He's the 'Yin' Samurai. Cool, collection and with glasses. He wears glasses even though he doesn't need them. I guess he likes to show off his nerdy and literature side. Jin I think is the trained Samurai. His swordsmanship is based on efficiency and he's always calm and unemotional. I think between the two characters I like Jin better. Simply because... I guess I might naturally be a Jin? Or rather... I don't think you can train yourself to be a Mugen. Mugen is raw talent and beastiness. Whereas... Jin is all about finesse and skill. Jin is more Kobe. In real life... I like LeBron better because I think beast and raw ability is just so admirable because it's not something that you can really work towards. I guess I'm in awe of talent and so while I appreciate it... I personally don't have the raw talent so instead I rely on skill and finesse.

The 3rd character in the anime is this girl named Fuu. I think she's mostly there to balance out the two Samurai characters. Plus you always need a girl who needs to be helped in Japanese anime. /shrug. I don't actually remember much about her... just that she's all cute and warm and stuff.

This anime is awesome because of the two badass samurais. You should watch it just so you know them. And of course... the show is highly rated. I personally really enjoy samurai based anime. I might go through and write all the samurai based anime that I've seen. Like... Samurai 7, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Kenshin, Basilisk.

tl;dr - Samurai Champloo is an amazing anime featuring two badasses. Beast samurai and Finesse samurai with cute girl thrown in. You should watch it