Samurai Deeper Kyo

I think I just really like Samurai anime in general because… swords and nitoryu are so entertaining. Plus you got the sword aura that let’s you slice through the air and what not. Anyways. I digress.

Samurai Deeper Kyo… it’s an anime I only watched once long ago. But I do remember that I really enjoyed it. I just looked up the wikipedia entry to remind myself what it’s about. Basically, you have this uber badass samurai who is sharing a body with some random person. And whenever they’re in danger… the uber badass comes out.

But my most memorable memory of samurai deeper kyo was that there was this Hitsugaya like character. This was before bleach to my knowledge… Basically, there was this samurai who used sword and ice world. His sword aura would be icy and then he would freeze his surroundings with his ki. It was beautiful. He was my favorite character.

This anime also has a fair share of interesting characters and villains. That said… since the only thing memorable about it was the ice samurai… I guess it’s definitely not as good as Samurai Champloo or Samurai 7. Both of those series were so memorable that they were imprinted into my memory. Samurai Deeper Kyo was fun samurai goodness with the ice samurai.

I’d say you should watch this if you enjoy action / samurai. The characters are really well designed and they are all interesting and look really good.