Shigatsu wa kimi no uso

I watched the entire anime raw with closed captions on japan netflix… I gotta say I feel badass and fluent :D

In terms of plot… it was definitely more straightforward than boku dake ga inai no machi.

First off… all 4 opening ending songs are excellent. So you should definitely watch this anime. The story… is very emo. Let’s just say that. But the soundtrack. OMG. The soundtrack is so good.

Likes - I liked the soundtrack and the opening. I think Piano + Violin is definitely the top two music instruments… followed by guitar. Yeah… that’s pretty much the only thing I liked about it lol. It was a good language learning. Oh wait… the animation. Shit. The animation was so gorgeous. It was… beautiful. The scenary, the imagery, the animation coupled with the masterful original sound track. I think… that’s part of what makes anime transcend the manga. With anime… you have the animation and the music… to bring life to the original source material. In this case… I think the OST probably made the anime much MUCH better.

Dislikes - too emo. The main character is a whiny bitch. I’m tempted to spoiler you. OK. HUGE MEGA SPOILERS — The ending was totally not what I predicted. It was actually a sad ending. Which.. surprised me. I mean… I guess the other thing is the anime is a bit cliche. But I think that once you get old like me.. all stories follow the same archetype. So in that regard… the fact that I couldn’t predict the ending makes this a masterpiece. lol.

I would recommend the anime to most people. The music is just so beautiful. The OST is my current meditation music. Just beware… the sad and emo might be a bit overwhelming. There isn’t any new intense vocabulary.