Shokugeki no Souma

I think this is the spiritual successor to Yakitate Japan. Except it’s hella ecchi, has tons of fanservice and tentacles. I like ecchi and fanservice… but tentacles.. -.0.

I started watching the first episode and the amount of tentacles made me stop watching it. But then my coworkers said it was good so I gave it another shot and watched episode 2. From episode 2 I was hooked and marathon’d the series in about a week.

This is a food anime. It’s all about cooking. And there are reactions to eating food. This guy was trained by his dad who is a legendary chef. He enters a chef school where you can become famous and win property by challenging others to cooking battles by wagering stuff. It’s basically a series of cooking battles and then food sampling.

It’s just so good. You need to watch it. It’s probably the anime of the year for me.

tl; dr - watch shokugeki no souma. just. do. it.