Anime of the year. Has the voice actor of Ouran/Death Note/Code Geass. Sci-fi anime about time traveling. You should watch this.

RintarĊ Okabe also known as Okarin and the mad scientist Hououin Kyouma is the founder of a club / lab dedicated to the art of searching for proof of time traveling. The story starts off with character introduction and it begins with Okarin insulting a professor for stealing from John Titor.

John Titor is an alleged time traveler and he posted on forums in real life. So it's pretty cool that the anime uses him as a literary device. In episode one - Okarin meets Kurisu Makise who is a scientist that researches time traveling. Shortly after he sees her dead body and then. Bam. He goes back to the beginning of the day. Talk about deja vu. Except. He remembers yo. He remembers seeing Kurisu die and so he stops it from happening.

The series explores all the cool time traveling aspects of sci-fi. There's the butterfly effect where small actions have big consequences. Imagine if one day you bumped into someone in public by accident. They were having a really bad day. And by bumping into them - you just created a serial killer. Don't worry, that doesn't happen I'm just giving an example.

Or - what if everything is predestined. There's no way to 'save' someone because they're destined to die. And everything you do just ends up killing that person one way or the other. Talk about zetsubou. The show is so amazing because it explores the time traveling aspect so well in regards to character development.

I gotta say though, the show starts out slow. When I recommended this to my friend he kept giving up on the series because the first few episodes are boring. Trust me though - once you reach a certain point... You'll *have* to know and then you'll marathon the show.

The John titor aspect of the show is cool like I previously mentioned. Okarin is the only one who keeps his memory in time traveling. He's the protagonist and a mutant in that regard. Other people can time travel but only the time traveler keeps their memories. In Okarin's case... when other people time travels and then create a new 'timeline' so to speak - he remembers the delta of the timelines. So that gives me nerd chills. And you should definitely watch this series.

 Scoring - This is a must watch series. Anime of the year for 2011.

Story: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Music: 9/10
Animation: 10/10
Overall: 10/10