Subete ga F ni Naru

I just finished Subete ga F ni Naru and I gotta say. Even though it was a mystery / thriller I wasn’t really into it until about episode 7. So it takes about 7 episodes before you reach the point where Omg I need to know… NAO status.

This anime is dark. It’s like hannibal lecter dark. Psychopath and genius are probably the two most op traits combined. You have the genius so you can hide your psychopath and then you have the psychopath which lets do do whatever you want to achieve your goals. It’s almost like the perfect complement of traits.

I think this anime was adapted from a Japanese novel series. So I can’t wait til I reach Japanese fluency so that I can read the novel by myself.

The opening and ending songs weren’t notable. The characters… aside from the Hannibal equivalent character… I’d say were plain and average. If I had to say what the most defining aspect of this anime it would have to be the philosophical craziness of the doctor. I’m trying to write about the anime without spoiling it.

I would recommend the series though. Well. I think I enjoy the dark aspects of anime and television. I enjoyed watching Dexter, Hannibal, and Daredevil. I don’t think I’ve seen an anime that can be directly compared to Subete ga F ni Naru. Hmm. Maybe… Berserk. It’s dark but not bloody.

tl;dr - Watch this anime if you like dark stuff. Dexter/Hannibal/Berserk.