Terra Formars

I marathon watched this in 2 weekdays. Which was really fucking dumb of me. I watched the first 2 episodes and then I was hooked. At this was at 2am. I ended up watching up to episode 8/13 and 5am the first day. I was so tired afterwards at work though… luckily I finished it on day 2. Anyways… this show is really addicting to me so I have to rate it crazy high.

Nothing special about the opening/ending unfortunately. The show begins kinda boringly because you get introduced to this character who is a mutant… who then undergoes a surgery to give him more powers. The setting is pretty cool though. So awhile back… 500 years ago for some stupid reason humans sent a ship full of cockroaches to mars. And in 500 years the roaches evolved into human like bipeds that walk while maintaining their roach traits scaled up. So they are basically unkillable and move super fast. And then back on earth… there’s a weird virus that originated from mars and then people need to travel to mars to get samples of these super roach human killers.

Great… how do you do that? Well… there’s this surgery that gives you super animal powers scaled up to human size. Like how the roach became human sized while maintaining their unholy weight to strength/speed ratio. Imagine… an ant can lift 100x it’s weight. Scaled to a human… that’s 200kg. It means that human can lift… 20000kg. Which is some crazy feat of strength. This surgery has a low survival rate though… only 36%. But… the main character who is a mutant.. had a guaranteed chance of success because he’s a lucky mutant and plot I guess. So he gets some overpowered insect that lets him make near unbreakable threads spiderman style.

The main reason I really enjoy the show is that I really enjoy the overwhelming force characters / dynasty warriors like scenarios. And out of the 100 members of the BUGS crew… which is what they are called. The top 10 are all amazing unbeatable tiers almost. Like… the just crush monster roaches with ease. And all their powers are unique and diverse so it’s always interesting to watch the fights.

The action in this anime is really good even though there is a lot of gore that is censored. The thing that threw me off… which probably won’t apply to most - is the excessive amount of backstory to the characters. I don’t really care about the backstory… especially when said character is most likely dead within the next day. =_=

So after watching the anime which takes you to ~chapter 50 maybe. I just marathon’d the manga this weekend. I read 100 chapters of Terra Formars this weekend. Yup. And I gotta say… the manga is better. Even though the anime has great action. Or maybe… it’s because the plot in the manga is so far ahead. It’s just so much better. I can’t wait for Terra Formars season 2.

tl;dr - watch this for the amazing fights / super powers. it’s a pretty interesting sci fi anime show