Tokyo Ghoul root A

I finally got around to marathon*ing Tokyo Ghoul season two... and I gotta say it wasn't as good as season 1. Maybe my expectations for it was just too high.

The start of the series was great though. You got to see how badass the old man is. Apparently he's an SSS level demon which makes him the ultra uber god tier.

Without spoiling the plot... I want to just talk about all the bad aspects of the show that made me not like it as much as I wanted to. First of all.. the opening song sucked. Compared to Unravel which was so damn good. The season 2 opening song got nothing on Unravel.

Aside from having a worse opening / ending song. What really threw me off was the random power scale of Kaneki. Last season he ate an S level ghoul. It's already established that Kaneki is a S level ghoul and yet he loses / takes so long to finish scrubs. That is just disturbing.

Beyond that... I think the pacing of the anime was way off. After finishing the series this weekend. I went back and started reading the manga and then I realized that the anime adaptation is way different from the manga and signifcantly worse.

For example... you have this scene of Ken fighting this dude. An episode later... the fight is resolved. We have no idea what happened. WTF. I kept thinking I skipped an episode... but I didn't. Fights just get resolved off screen and we have no idea what happened.

There are so many new characters introduced but we don't get to know their background and why their important to the story. The anime adaptation drops a lot of important information that was provided in the manga and fills it up with bullshit padding. Why would you cut out great content and fill it with bullshit padding. blargh.

I think... season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul was just a big disappointment. After watching season 1, you should just start reading the manga. I feel like the manga is a much more enjoyable experience. That said... the anime isn't too bad. It's just disappointing the way that the studio adapted it.

tl;dr - read the manga. in this case the manga is undoubtedly better than the anime. even though anime tend to have better action/fight scenes.