Tokyo Ghoul

The first episode opens right into action. You see a female ghoul feasting on a pile of humans before she gets attacked by some masked dude. Then she escapes and then it the story begins.

Kaneki is the main character of the story. He's talking with his best friend Hideyoshi (nicknamed Hide) about where to go on a first date. There server is a cute girl with purple hair named Touka. After Hide leaves, Kaneki somehow manages to ask out the super cute girl in glasses. All because he noticed that she reads the same amazing author that he likes he asks her out and then they go on a date.

On the date... everything is normal. They're talking about the book blah blah. Then ask they're about to part ways... Rize says that she's scared because all the recent ghoul attacks are near her home. No problem, Kaneki will walk her home because he's a total badass whose capable of protecting her from ghouls (hint: no). It's an obvious trap. I knew right away that she was the ghoul... and so did my friend who I made watch the first episode. Well... dun dun dun. After walking with her to a secluded area... she leans into kiss him? Nope. Chomp. Yummy humans. This anime series is quite gory.

Kaneki is shitting his pants and tries to escape. It doesn't happen because how can a newbie human escape from a S-class ghoul? Kaneki is basically dead when all of a sudden shit falls from the sky and kills the ghoul.

You see a Gundam Seed like scene where Rize and Kaneki's soul merge during surgery. Because Kaneki got Rize's organ's transplanted into him in order to save his life. Yup. He's a ghoul now. Kinda obvious isn't it?

Of course he doesn't realize it yet. He tries to eat human food and it all tastes like shit. Then he's walking around humans and he starts drooling uncontrollably. He decides to stab himself in the gut to test to see if he's a ghoul. Side note - wtf? Why would you try to stab yourself in the gut... if you fail then you just killed yourself. Wouldn't stabbing yourself anywhere else suffice? Anime logic... Of course... the knife breaks and he's officially a ghoul.

He's walking around at night when he smells something delicious. Like his mom's old family style cooking. Running towards the smell he sees a ghoul eating a human. Guess he can't really deny it anymore. But he still does.

That's pretty much a summary of the first episode. The opening song is amazing. It's from the singer from the first opening of Psychopass. He has a very distinct voice and I quite like his music. The series is overall about ghouls and how they live hidden among the humans. On one hand it's sometimes cliche, but it's just so much fun. I always like to see overpowered characters dominate... and S-class ghouls are amazing entertainment for me.

Overall, the characters are interesting. Characters from the human side and the ghoul side all see themselves as righteous and then you have Kaneki stuck in the void between. The utterly useless Kaneki.

Scoring: I marathon'd this series in one day. That's how good it is.

Story: 9/10
Characters: 9/10
Music: 9/10
Animation: 9/10 (censorship...)
Overall: 10/10