Valvrave is a generic mecha anime. The major selling points of it are the two amazing opening themes. Both opening themes are duets by TM Revolution and Nana Mizuki.

This show felt really generic because the main character is… really annoying. He’s like a newb that stumbled onto a gundam. But then he never levels up. It’s like he’s permanently retarded. And that’s just disappointing.

I generally like mecha anime since they usually consist of a few S tiers just crushing the fodder. This show is the same in that regard. You have people with special units who are basically untouchable until they run out of juice. My favorite character has to be L-elf because he’s just a badass. L-elf is like Suzaku and Lelouch fused into one. That’s the reason that you should watch this anime.

The characters in this show. I already mentioned L-elf being amazing. There were some decent villains. But for the most part the characters are lame high school kids. It just feels to me that their decisions don’t make logical sense… like. It’s like you want to die / act retarded…

I initialy watched it back when only season one was out. I thought the entire anime was one season. Be warned that it’s too seasons. But at this point everything is out so it doesn’t matter.

I think the only thing that I enjoyed about this show… was the ending. I won’t spoiler. Let’s just say that the ending wasn’t what I expected and wasn’t generic at all. So in that regard it was like a breath of fresh air.

tl;dr - watch this for the amazing opening songs. and the decent characters and if you enjoy mecha