Yakitate! Japan

So I ask my friend what anime he's watching and he tells me he watched Yakitate, Japan. I'm like, what's it about? The answer: baking bread. WTF!? How can an anime about baking bread be entertaining at all?

Well, I started watching it because I was in high school and had way to much free time. Holy shit, this anime is so amazingly good. First off, I'm a big fan of food, and food anime is so entertaining. The first few episodes already set the tone for the entire series, this show is freaking hilarious.

So whenever you eat the bread, you get a reaction because the bread is so damn tasty. In addition to all the mystical baking techniques, there's the solar hands and solar gauntlets. Which assists in baking.

The characters in this show are really great. My favorite character is probably Kawachi because he's the ultimate gag character. Kawachi is like the butt of the jokes but in an entertaining way. Also, the taster judge is a famous voice actor that does a lot of roles... his voice makes part of the anime entertaining.

After watching this show I named my friend Calvin -> Kawachi because the name is similar and because Kawachi too jokes, just like my friend. :D

Oh right, quick synopsis. Azuma is a boy who met this baker as a kid who inspired him to bake bread as he grew up. He's auditioning for a position at the most prestigious bakery in Japan via a baking contest. The fun begins as we see how great Azuma and his creations are.

Story: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Music: 8/10
Animation: 9/10
Overall: 10/10