Zankyou no Terror

I'm writing this post as I can't sleep since I'm currently sharing a bed with possibly the loudest snorer that I've encountered that's on par with my good ol' grandfather. So that will be my excuse for the potential poor quality review. That... and it's 3am in the morning and I'm writing this with possibly a mild concussion.

First off, I need to say that Zankyou no Terror has a voice actor for Nine that sounds extremely like the voice actor for Yagami Light to the point that I thought they were the same one until I looked it up just now.

Zankyou no Terror is a suspense anime where each episode there is some crazy cliff hanger ending and you wonder what's going to happen next. Nine and Twelve have no names and both enroll in the same high school. In episode one you realize that they are terrorists and planned bombing activities. But why do they do it? That's the underlying story of the show.

Ever series of terrorism is introduced via a riddle on "youtube" as a challenge directly to the police. If they solve the riddle/puzzle then the bomb will be disarmed... otherwise boom! For a lot of the show... I gotta say that I was not really impressed. The puzzles and suspense factor while good... wasn't really mind blowing like. Shiet, I can't believe that happened.

The thing that I really liked about the show was how cold "Nine" was. In the first episode... it was said that Nine had eyes of ice while "Twelve" had the warmest smile. The juxtaposition of their two personalities make the show much more interesting.

And of course, you need to introduce a useless heroine to drag down the two protagonists. I don't even remember what her name was but she was pretty non-essential to the show. /shrug. Looking back, maybe she was essential to the show in a sense that her existence allowed for more character development.

The characters
The overarching plot and the suspense
Opening / Closing songs

Puzzles weren't really that special
Some cliche scenes