I read a lot of books. I have an audible subscription which gets me an audiobook per month. Here I'll write reviews of books / audiobooks that I've read.

I tend to read non-fiction. Most of the books I read are educational in nature. Books like The Pragmatic Programmer which helps me out with work and improving as a Software Engineer. Or other educational / information books such as Zero to One by Peter Thiel.

I do read fantasy / sci-fi from time to time but it's rarer now because I prefer to watch anime. I'll write reviews of highly enjoyable and recommended books below so if you want to know what books are worth your time. Check out the list below!

Best software engineering book read in 2015: The Effective EngineerBuy on Amazon

Best book that made me a better person in 2015: Feeling Good - The New Mood TherapyBuy on Amazon