How I raised myself from failure to success in selling

How I raised myself from failure to success in selling available here. This was a book that was given to me by a friend since he was leaving SF and wanted to get rid of excess weight. I recently finished it on my vacation over two coffee sessions.

This book is written by Frank Bettger who was in the same time as Dale Carnegie from “How to win friends and influence people”. I’m not in sales but I think this book was a very good read. I think… at some point in time I might actually get involved in sales since I might eventually become a freelance / contract worker. A lot of the points in this book isn’t specific to selling per se - it focuses on analyzing your data and being process oriented. Sales is a large part based on cold calling / approaching clients. It’s similar to the growth funnel where you want a huge funnel of new users I guess.

There are definitely some interesting sales technique here and what’s crazy is that sales techniques work on salesman just like regular people. There were many points where he learned new sales methods from other salespeople and he was surprised that he fell for it even though he knew about that specific selling technique. I guess… there’s something just appealing about certain ways of approaching sales. What’s also really interesting in this book is how data driven he was. It’s important to analyze all your actions to see where you could make the most improvements in results.

For me I personally found the book really interesting. Although the book title is all about selling - I think there’s a lot of self improvement or sales improvement aspects that can be applied to everyday life. Get the book off amazon for super cheap here.

tl;dr - read this book if you wanna become a better salesman or if you like self improvement books and/or want to improve your interpersonal skills