The Bassoon King

The Bassoon King is an autobiography written by Rainn Wilson available here. Rainn Wilson is the actor of Dwight Schrute in the US version of the office. I think I decided to read it after reading an article on Rainn Wilson and his thought processes. Plus everyone loves Dwight. He’s the character of the show. Almost. Anyways.

The negatives of the books - there are a lot of topics that don’t interest me. Rainn Wilson talks about his taste in music and film and stuff. I generally don’t listen to american rock and roll and stuff like that. There are some other topics such as his various classes and things he did that didn’t interest me. So I just skipped the parts that I felt were boring.

Besides the part that didn’t interest me. This book was a really enjoyable and light read. I think I finished the book in about 3 days because honestly his life is quite fascinating. From his birth as a big head child it’s kinda crazy how much he remembers of his life. He grew up without his mother and in some crazy ass places.

Well.. his childhood was already kinda crazy. He lived in a 3rd world country and uh… he recounts a time where he literally shit a live centipede. Blargh. Just reading that grossed me out. And also he grew up in a world without nerd culture and america where there’s actually bullying and stuff. On one hand I think bullying is bad and horrible… on the other hand I kind of want to experience it just because I think it’s reflective of the real world and stuff. Then again… I don’t think I’d be bullied since bullies usually target the bottom 10% but whatever.

He grew up on dungeons and dragons. Who knew? That’s kinda crazy that he would spend weekends play dungeon and dragons. I gotta say that was totally something unexpected. I played dungeon and dragons as a kid and it was so much fun. Although I never got to get really into it since computer games and stuff.

He writes that he always dreamed of being an actor. And that… if it weren’t for the encouraging words of his teacher he wouldn’t have. And he spends his entire life in persuit of his dreams. Apparently actors being waiters and waitresses is a very real thing. He worked as a waiter amongst other oddjobs.

The thing that he wanted to tell himself if he could go back in time was that… he shouldn’t have doubted himself. At age 30… he was only dreaming of starring as a supporting actor or whatever. His actual abilities were much higher than his 30 year old self ever imagined. That’s… something inspiring I guess. I mean. I wonder if I’ll look back and think… wow. At 27 there’s already nothing for you to learn in the software world… you can essentially build anything that you want. It’s almost true in a way… I’m approaching master class in software.

The roller coaster of his life and finances… is kinda crazy. I mean. The weird jobs and things he did to make ends meet… it kinda blows my mind. That you would work for something that’s like… minimum wage. I can’t imagine working a minimum wage job to make ends meet because… that just doesn’t seem like an efficient way to spend time to earn money.

Oh man. His life is like… almost a movie. There’s the drugs in new york. Apparently he dated a lawyer in new york that would supply him with cocaine. I mean. He was broke and poor but he was dating a lawyer that supplied him with coke. That actor / NYC life. I think actors and drugs just go hand in hand. I’m gonna move to new york and find myself an lawyer who gives me free coke. That’s the dream.

But on a more serious note. It’s interesting how his relationship with coke was… so controlled? I mean. I think crackheads and stuff are real. So it’s impressive that he managed to step away from the drug life. I think his autobiography just shows how hard work eventually leads to success.

I have this thought that… most actors / entrepreneurs get successful as they are older. I think that’s just a combination of hard work and luck over time. When you live longer… you just naturally have had more opportunities by virtue of time. It’s like more dice rolls so eventually you hit success/jackpot if you don’t give up. And Rainn Wilson… his life is all about following the dream and not giving up.

tl;dr - read his autobiography. His life is interesting and it’s quite inspirational. get it here