The hard things about hard things

The hard things about hard things available here.

I read this book because a friend recommended it and also it’s shown up as recommended reading on hackernews for awhile.

My thoughts on this book is that I feel like it’s only really beneficial to startup ceo, either aspiring or current. There are some good parts to it that can apply to life in general - how to make decisions and stuff. But I’d say that 90% of it is only relevant for senior management of start-ups. Not even senior management of big companies. I feel like big companies are much more different with all the politics and policies.

I have no desire to through y-combinator and try and raise VC money. So I guess and feel that reading this book was mostly a waste of time. Well. Not a waste of time but that I could’ve spent my time better on other things. On the other hand… the small things that I did learn I’d say probably balanced the time spent.

The key learns is sizing the startup and just knowing what needs to be done and doing it. It kind of follows the accept reality, but bend reality way of approaching things. If it’s literally raining sheeps… then drive around in a tank and not a car. bad analogy. but basically you need to find a tank somehow. or only travel by submarine. but find the crazy path that leads you forward. which probably most people will never see and think of. but as the ceo. you must be able to spot the life amongst death.

tl;dr - this book is 90% targetted towards wanna be startup ceo or senior management. or current. if you enjoy reading then check it out here otherwise skip it