I'm still sick. But then I can't sleep. I'm like so fatigued and tired but yet I can't sleep. I do not enjoy this state. On the other hand, I just watched one the better movies in recent times so I feel compelled to write about it.

Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon is an amazing movie. You should go watch it right now. As to why it's so amazing. As to why it's so amazing... I guess I'd have to say it's because it kept me guessing, had amazing action, and is just so much fun.

It's been awhile since I couldn't really predict the flow of a movie. I guess it comes from being older and haven read / seen so much literature. I didn't realize that Detective Dee was like the Asian Sherlock Holmes. This movie actually reminds me of the Sherlock Holmes reboot movies with Robert Downey Jr. Anyways, Detective Dee is essentially Sherlock Holmes. He's uber smart, and decent at martial arts. Of course, he relies on his brain and not his brawn.

I won't talk about the plot, but suffice to say that it was exciting. It's the kind of story where.. once they reach the explaining part... or like a couple scenes after it happens.. you realize what's up. Like.. Shiet, so THATS what happened. As expected of a detective movie - it's good.

The action scenes were decent. I really liked how they had the captain of the army assist Dee so he got to do all the fight scenes and Dee was mostly about detective work. I just realized Dee is short for detective. Mind Blown.

I kinda passed out towards the end because once everything was solved the denouement or whatever is kinda boring for me. Angelababy was pure fanservice. Not that I'm complaining.

tl;dr - watch this movie for the amazing plot and decent action scenes</strong></p>