Hmmm. Today is just the typical amazing day of work.

Woke up around 7. Meditated. Worked on my app. Had breakfast. Went to the gym. At the gym I hit my old personal best for deadlift. Today I worked to the point where removing the plates was like… extremely effortful. You know when you struggle to return the weights that you put in max effort. It’s easy to put in max effort for physical… but when it comes to mental it’s a lot harder to judge. I think meditation helps out with that though.

I ordered a capture device on amazon in order to stream video games. PS4 has a built in streaming feature but games like Yakuza, and Persona both block it. That’s just… dumb. Sigh. Whatever. That’s the way it is. So I gotta get the capture card set up before I can stream Persona 5. Persona 5 looks so good so far. And… in the first hour I could read about 70% of it so I’m feeling pretty happy. Hue. Hue.

I think that it’s important to express gratitude since it just makes you feel better. I’m really living my dream from like years ago. I’m so grateful that somehow I ended up making my dream a reality. It’s a combination of luck and work and faith. I’m just enjoying each day in Japan. It’s like.. when I stop to listen to the music… or just absorb the scenary. Walking by the train rails, riding the JR, reading murakami in a coffee shop. Like. Shit. Wow. I’m so lucky.