I forgot about writing a weekly analysis last week because I was sick with the plague. I still wrote a post on the movie Detective Dee which was awesome entertainment so I think I'm good.

Since last week... I did some pretty amazing things. I'd rate the past week as a 9/10 in terms of enjoyment and growth. I had Thanksgiving dinner with Stan the Man and we just chilled and caught up. Stan is a badass. He helped me learn and grow so much. I'm sure I helped him as well. Growth man. Stan inspires growth and I inspire growth.

In the thanksgiving / recovery weekend I finally finished Bioshock Infinite. I beat it in ~16 hours or two solid afternoon gaming sessions. In addition to beating Bioshock Infinite I was active in developing my side project otakuhomepage. Python is just such a joy to code in. Coding in python just brings me delight. Now I know why Loren was all about the Python kool-aid. I got to use twitter-python and instagram-python which are python libraries for the respective API services. Now every hour my cron runs and it helps me like people's tweets / pictures and I get organic exposure.

I didn't go to the gym this Sunday. So I missed twice. It's one of the rare misses that I don't go to the gym twice in a row. But it was a conscious choice. I decided that rest was more important in the off chance that the flu strikes back and I'm incapacitated for even longer.

This weekend I also applied for and got the Chase Freedom credit card with $200 cash back. My credit line from the Freedom... is pretty insane.  I don't even know why they gave me such a high credit limit considering the Freedom isn't even a high level card. I hope this means that when I apply for the Chase Sapphire Preferred / Other travel cards that I'll be able to get them no problem.

My twitter and instagrams are growing while I sleep. That is crazy shit. It's so amazing how I can code something like that on a whim in less than 3 hours. Part of that is the power of Python... the other part of that is me. I'm a badass now. I guess I've become the kind of Software Engineer that I've always aspired to be. I get shit done and make shit happen. It's pretty damn satisfying.

I also bought another pair of Sennheiser HD 598s in the amazon black friday sale for $120. It was an amazing discount and more than 50% off. Why did I get another pair when I already have one? Now I can leave a pair at work and I'll have heavenly music at both work and home.

I've learned so much from Stan. He is a true badass. This week I relearned or re-experienced the idea: there is no right time. There is no right time for anything. It's never too late. And it's too early. Just go for it. Also, I really scared this girl at night as she was listening to her music. It was all good though because she was only freaked out for 2 seconds or so.

tl;dr - Thanksgiving week was amazing. If every week was like thanksgiving week... I'd be a 200% better version of me by next year</strong></p>