This Sunday I finally hit the gym. It was glorious. I was rationalizing and making excuses to not go. But honestly, the second I left my apartment complex and walked onto the streets at night in the cold win. I started grinning uncontrollably. Life is awesome. I get to walk to the gym and then work out in a nice place uncrowded and what not.

There's been articles on starting small and being consistent and what not. I think just getting out the door for me is enough of a catalyst to trigger me to work out. So from now on whenever I'm lazy. I'll just pack my shit. And walk out the building. If i feel like lazy after walking out the building, I'm welcome to return and walk right back home. Maybe one day I'll actually return but I think that most days I'll end up going to the gym once I'm dressed and out the door.

This Sunday I also pushed myself to do 3x intervals to hit 10 mph. So I did 3x 30 second intervals of 10 mph. I think I'll need to reach 5x 30 second intervals of 10mph in order to be able to sprint at a constant 9 mph. I want to break a 5 minute mile. But first I need to break a 6 minute mile. My current best is a 7 minute mile so I'm way off. But it's good to have goals.

My hard work at work finally got released. It's live. Hallelujah. I wrote the most ab(used) endpoint. It's the endpoint that must be used in order to do anything.  The top of the conversion tunnel - so to speak. It's super amazing and fun that developers are using my code. It's exciting. Even though previously, I worked on web projects that's being hit by millions. Each new release is just exciting and fun. People are using shit that I built.

Last weekend I wasted most of it. But it was okay. It's cool to have a break from time to time. I watched IEM San Jose, Hot6Cup, and UFC. Anthony Pettis is a god. He's Anderson Silva / Jose Aldo level and it's super exciting to watch him defend the lightweight title. He could possibly be better than BJ Penn in his prime. He's too slick and well rounded.

Spin class got canceled todays so I'm disappointed. And the weight room was closed and the gym was packed so I didn't get to do weights. But - some beats none. And the fact that I showed up and ran a mile. Life is good. Tomorrow is predicted to be torrential rain so I packed my laptop and am working from home. I'm excited to be able to work from home because my standing desk is amazing and I can code so much more comfortable at home

I've been reading the happiness book and it says that a big part of being happy is just simply expressing gratitude. And now I've been trying to express 3 things per day that I'm grateful for.

Today - I'm grateful that I work with amazingly smart people and that my work is satisfying and fun. I'm grateful that I got to have coffee with Cole - he's like a mentor and a friend all in one. I'm grateful that I get to watch hd movies on demand on my TV/Tablet/Laptop. Technology has improved so much.