The highlight of the week is the fact that I went to spin class today. What was crazy was that I the way and situation that happened. Yesterday I decided to be retarded and was watching netflix until 3am. And so, today I was retardedly dead and sleepy at work. When I got home at 6:15pm. I took a nap. Yup, I took a nap. My alarm went off at 6:45 and I was *really* tempted to stay in bed. It's been raining all week in San Francisco. Today was no exception, and there was still a slight rain when I got home. It was raining - the perfect rationalization. I'm so freaking comfy in my bed. You have no idea how comfy my bed is. Actually you probably do, I'm sure your bed is just as comfy. But for some reason.. I managed to get out of my bed, pack all my shit and leave the building. I don't know how I managed to do it. But that has got to be the highlight of the week. Attending spin class despite rain and napping in my bed.

I'm still listening to the art of learning from some Chess / Taichi grand master and it's actually very interesting. Like all books, there's quite a bit of unnecessary crap and fluff. But the underlying concepts are sound and very informative. Basically, whenever you learn something. You should always try and learn it in such a way that it suits your personal style. I'm not really the aggressive / outgoing type of person so when I learn martial arts - I should focus on counter attacking and defense. Stuff like that.

I accidentally turned off my brain and something stupid happened. I used my old toothbrush (that I used to clean cups and dishes) to brush my teeth. Ugh. Gross. But then stupid thing was I didn't realize it until my brain started working. Which was one minute into the tooth brushing. Something feels weird. Are you sure you're using the right toothbrush? Aw, fuck. I need to stop turning off my brain. Auto pilot happens too much. Too damn much.

The other thing in the art of learning book is that you need to train yourself to push past resistance. You'll never feel like doing anything. But each time that you do something when you don't feel like it. It trains you to make it easier for the future. Even though you might not notice it. I never feel like doing shit. I just wanna watch anime and eat food. But, I need to do the right thing even when I don't feel like it. That's how you grow in any skill and area of growth. Doing the right thing and consistency.

The last thought that I had was that I need to start blogging twice a week. So from now on I'll blog the weekly on the Wednesday and on the Saturday I'll try and write a more meaningful article distilled from my rambling thoughts. It's weird because there's so much that I want to do. Actually that's not weird. The weird thing is growing yourself or pushing yourself in areas that are good for you versus what I feel is pointless struggle, learning for the sake of learning.

Learning for the sake of learning is good. But you should only learn and focus on areas that are interested and critical to your goals. I'm really tempted to just learn random shit on a whim and read a ton of books. That's good, but I don't think those books will help me attain my goals. There was a period of time where I would learn for the sake of learning and now I think that it's not my style and not good for me. I previously tried to force myself to learn new programming languages that I have no interest in because 'people' say you should learn a new programming language every year. Now, it might be good for the people who say it. And I'm sure learning a new language helped them. I believe it *would* help me as well.

But it's not my style. I hate learning for the sake of learning because I think it's bullshit. And then I spend a shit ton of my willpower forcing myself to learn even when I don't want to. And then the rest of my goals and work goes to shit. I like to learn by building stuff. I'll learn mobile development by building stuff. I learned Python by building stuff. Building stuff is fun for me. So from now on, I'm not going to do things just because other people say it's good - unless I actually want to and it is in line with my goals.

The thing is having said that, it's hard to differentiate vs what I want and what is actually good. If given the choice, I would rather never work out and just eat food all day. But that's not the right or good choice for me. So I guess the difficulty is finding the right balance in doing the right thing even when you don't want to. And not forcing yourself down the wrong path because you think it would be good or because of outside influence. I guess that's something personal that I still need to work through.

tl;dr - I went to the gym after waking up from a short nap, and walked in the rain. some crazy ass shit I overcame today.</strong></p>