Shiet, it's already the second week of 2015. That's 1/24 of the year already gone. Damn. So what are some of the new things that I did this week?

Last Friday I went to hip hop class. Admittedly, it's something that I've done before. But it's good that I went because I feel like while it's still challenging... it feels slightly more natural than when first started. Maybe I'm improving. I still can't do a single move 'properly' but I'm enjoying it and it's a good change of pace. Talk about time bending. Hip hop class is 1.5 hours long, but to me it feels like ages.

I also finally had my 1-1 with my manager. I asked for more vacation and to get reimbursed for expenses. Man, asking for shit is hard for me. I don't know why. I mean... I know that nothing bad will happen and it's totally fine for me to ask. I dunno. I didn't get the extra vacation apparently vacation time is a company / department wide policy. It's all good though because the thing is that I asked. I got approved for expenses which is expected and normal. I wasn't going to ask for it... but the expenses recently exceeded $100 which is higher than the activation energy of asking I guess.  Still, even asking for that was... difficult.

I don't know why asking for things and help is hard for me. Maybe I should see a shrink... it might be some underlying psychology issues. I actually looked up and emailed a psychiatrist. I've always wanted to nap on the couch/bench while they talk to you with your eyes closed. It looks like so much fun. Plus, I was thinking it would be like sports psychology where I'll be able to improve. A session cost $450 and that's for the initial 90 minutes. Ugh. I rather stick with shopping therapy.

I'll write about this in more detail in a programming page but as I've gotten better at Software Engineering... it's increasingly hard to get help. Today, I asked the front-end / javascript specialist for what my shit didn't work. And he looked at it and couldn't see anything. Granted, he only looked for about 10 minutes. I remember back in the day when I wasn't as good - the specialists would be able to help me out so fast. I guess it's good that I'm better now. The downside is that my errors are way harder to track down.

tl;dr - went to hip hop. asked manager for extra vacation and money.</strong></p>