Shiet... already the 4th week of January and I missed my Wednesday blog post. My energy has been zapped recently because I think my sleeping is still all messed up. Boo hoo. I have no one to blame but myself.

So the crazy ass thing I did last week. Well, at this point it's almost two weeks ago. I went to a strip club. With coworkers. On a weekday. During daylight hours. Too jokes. We went to the Gold club. I didn't even know it was a strip club when I accepted the invitation for all you can eat friend chicken buffet. It was an interesting experience. Let's just say that. Pushing the limits of my comfort zone.

I need to add back squats into my weight routine. I've been skipping on squats and I think my leg muscles are imbalanced from all the running and cycling that I do. Time to add in the squats. Squats are the ultimate lower body workout. I also need to get back on the reading. I've just been watching so much netflix. Blargh. I blame BBC sherlock for being so damn good. I got another month of netflix just so I could finish sherlock.